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What makes us innovative?

Get noticed in Trending

Special view requirements for each video slot in the top 10. Lets just say its possible to be "overqualified" for a spot

Daily Video Shoutouts

We personally choose a few videos daily to feature on the app home screen

Engage with influencers

Get your video selected as a personal favorite by a top social media influencer!

Follow users on social Media

Connect to a user's facebook and other social media accounts by tapping each app icon under a video

Friendly Design

Tag users in videos and comments. All the social tools that you like in a super easy to use interface.

Something for Everyone

Different categories of daily and trending videos. Fun for everyone!

Upcoming talents and brands in the things you like most:

Sports, Beauty, Music, Fitness, Comedy and more.. Swipe through categories of videos uploaded in real-time or check out whats trending! Don't be surprised by the search results you get when you type in "Skateboarding Giraffe"